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On The Go Beauty Center offers all premium beauty services by professional and friendly staff who are continuously trained to pamper you and give you an unparalleled experience

We provide a wide range of services including hair, nails, lashes, facial, microblading, bridal, threading and waxing Your satisfaction is our happiness

Our commitment is to ensure that your visit with us isn't just an appointment, but an experience to remember

Our Services



Our stylists are more than happy to act as your consultant and advise you on what best suits you in terms of style or colour depends on your personality, lifestyle, and the occasion

We only use high-end products to ensure beautiful and healthy hair.

Hair Cut                                    AED 275+

Trimming                                 AED 160+

Fringe Cut                                AED 75+

Blowdry-short                         AED 125

Blowdry-medium                   AED 158

Blowdry-long                          AED 180

Blowdry-curly                         AED 210

Trimming & Blow-dry           AED 265+

Hair Cut & Blow-dry             AED 370+

Half Hair Style                        AED 370

Full Hair Style                        AED 630

Hair Wash                               AED 55+

*All prices inclusive of 5% VAT



Roots Colour                             AED 370

INOA Roots Colour                  AED 420

Full Colour-short hair              AED 525

Full Colour-medium hair        AED 630

Full Colour-long hair               AED 735

Highlights                                  AED 735+

Toner                                          AED 210

Ambre                                        AED 735+

*All prices inclusive of 5% VAT.



Hair Keratin-short               AED 1050

Hair Keratin-medium          AED 1575

Hair Keratin-long                 AED 2100

Hair Botox-short                  AED 1050

Hair Botox-medium             AED 1575

Hair Botox-long                    AED 2100

Hair Protein                          AED 1260+

Kerastase Treatment           AED 265+

Olaplex Treatment               AED 265+

*All prices inclusive of 5% VAT.



Hair Extension Keratin        AED 30+/piece

Hair Extension Sticker        AED 1575+/pack

Removal Full Head              AED 210

*All prices inclusive of  5% VAT.



We customize packages based on your needs and budget. Please get in touch for more details 

the Essentials

the Essentials

Our experts are well placed to provide you with a wonderful list of nail services ranging from the classic manicure or pedicure to stunning nail enhancement and design. They will simply shape and color your nails to perfection as per your choice.

Manicure Classic                     AED 85

Pedicure Classic                      AED 95

Russian Manicure                   AED 126

Russian Pedicure                    AED 137

Manicure With Polish            AED 126

Pedicure With Polish              AED 137

Special Feet Treatment          AED 158

Nail Polish                                AED 55

Nail Design (per nail)             AED 22+

Manicure Gelish                      AED 147

Pedicure Gelish                        AED 160

Gel Application                        AED 65

Gel Remover                             AED 45

All prices inclusive of 5% VAT



Extension                                AED 315+

Extension Refill                      AED 210+

Nail Repair                              AED 35

Nail Extension Removal       AED 105

Nail Extensions Overlay       AED 260+

Nail Tips                                   AED 160

  *All prices inclusive of  5% VAT.



Relax while our artists make the desired look for your lashes or brows that suits your lifestyle. We offer an excellent range of lash and brow services to enhance your facial features including brow shaping & waxing and lash tinting.
For Lashes, they can be classic or volume so they look natural yet they can be water-resistant, thick, soft, long, curly,.. based on your choice.

Eyelash Extension Russian Volume AED 630

Eyelash Extension Stars(100 pieces per eye) AED 525

Eyelash Extension Classic(50-70 pieces per eye) AED 315

Eyelash Extension ½ set(40-50 pieces per eye) AED 315

Eyelash Extension Refill Volume AED 315

Eyelash Extension Refill Normal   AED 210

Eyelash Extension Removal          AED 105

Eyelash Lifting                                 AED 315

*All prices inclusive of  5% VAT.



Eyebrow Lifting                                AED 315

Eyebrow Tinting                               AED 105

Eyebrow Tinting With Shaping     AED 158

*All prices inclusive of 5% VAT.



Along with other methods, we use Hydracool as a cutting-edge machine and technology to give you the greatest results in skin rejuvenation, facial glow, oxygenation, and vitamins for any type of skin. It is a multi-function machine for a great face using the power of water.

Our treatment includes everything from a total facelift to combat skin’s aging to skin renewal and hyperpigmentation for an instantly more radiant complexion.

Basic Facial                           AED 315

Hydracool Facial                  AED 575

Face contouring & Lifting   AED315

Vitamin C Treatment           AED 315

Anti Aging Treatment          AED 315

Gold Mask treatment           AED 525

All prices are inclusive of  5% VAT.



Brows are known as the frame of the face and they are designed appropriately, they can lift the eyes and give a more youthful and wonderful appearance to the face. 

Our Microblading specialists will recreate hair strokes to fill out your brow to have a natural look that will last around 10-18 months depends on your skin type and lifestyle. Microblading is better suited for normal/dry skin types. A retouch might be required 4-5 weeks after the treatment

Microblading                                    AED 3675

Removal                                            AED 3675

*All prices inclusive of 5% VAT.

Eye Liner

Eye Liner

Upper and lower eyeliner add depth and definition to the eyes. The pigment is added above the lashes on the top and below the lashes on the bottom. Eyeliner procedure creates a smooth, flawless line

Price  AED 3675

*All prices inclusive of 5% VAT.

Lip Blush

Lip Blush

It helps your face to look fresh and younger. It enhances the description of your lips and give a more colorful shade, or fix a dark coloring. It also gives your lips a fuller and bigger look by slightly extending the color onto the skin.

Price               AED 2625

*All prices inclusive of 5% VAT.



Depends on the occasion be it a normal gathering, or birthday, or wedding, .. our makeup artist will perfectly apply makeup using premium products to enhance your beauty

Full Makeup              AED    630+

Bridal Makeup          AED  1050+

*All prices inclusive of 5% VAT.



We will be honored to contribute in making your wedding day a memorable one 

We can customise a package that suits your needs and budget covering Hair, Nails, Make-up, Eyelashes, Eyebrows, etc, .. and our specialist(s) can be on standby during the ceremony for any needed retouch




Hand Massage-30 min                     AED 125

Foot Massage – 30 min                    AED 125

Neck and Shoulder- 30 min             AED 125

Head, Shoulder and Neck-30min   AED 125

*All prices inclusive of  5% VAT.

Face Waxing/threading

Face Waxing/threading

Eyebrow                    AED 55

Upper Lip                  AED 32

Chin                           AED 32

Side                            AED 32

Forehead                   AED 32

Nose                           AED 32

Full Face Without Eyebrow AED 105

Full Face With Eyebrow       AED 160

*All prices inclusive of  5% VAT.


Working Hours

We are happy to welcome our customers during the below working hours. Please book your required services in advance.

  • Daily : 10:00am - 10:00pm

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